I might as well talk about it. My support for Scar, the lion that made me realise from a pretty early childhood what reality is all about. I don’t particularly understand the hate for him. I mean, yeah, he killed Mufasa. But, I don’t think anyone to my knowledge has particularly tried to understand him. At all. I don’t condone what he’s done, but you can definitely see why he ended up the way he did, and yet he was vilified for it like he was a pawn for evil

But, the way I see it, it’s a classic case of situational circumstance which turned Scar the way he did. Did anyone nurture him? Did anyone try to understand before he switched? No. Utilitarian views are great and all for the most part, but, in some cases, people fuck up. Big time. We all still do.

Scar is the younger brother between him and Mufasa. Mufasa is older, better, stronger, more revered. Yet with a quick little background research, Scar was actually the more badass of the two. He was part of some Lion Guard and was gifted with effectively a super roar which only chosen people could have. This power was lost because he used it for evil rather than good. But this raises the point of chosen beings and superpowers. Usually characters like that are chosen for a reason, to keep it, to preserve it, to use it in times of need. Yet Scar was supposedly corrupted by the power and let it get to his head. In the grand scheme of things, whichever cosmic being decided that Scar was the next chosen one to possess that power, should be fired for their terrible allocation of responsibility.

But what if there were external factors? I mean, the way I see it, imagine being part of the front line to protect the rest of the pride from external threats, effectively risking your life on a daily basis to preserve peace. You grind away, thinking of your dreams to reach higher levels, more reverence, more acclaim. Then you rock up and you find out your older brother is ahead of you on the popularity and looks factor, by your own father no less. I don’t know about you, but I’d feel jilted.

I mean, we’ve been there in some format. One example would be the efforts that most of us would put in for work, but never personally feeling the praise we believe we should have got for our efforts. It makes some of us resentful, it makes others stop doing work altogether. And I think Scar was a part of these individuals. Would you find it easy to give a shit if the people you were trying to impress completely overlooked you?

And while we’re on about Scar, I’m just saying, he might be the weaker lion compared to Mufasa/Simba, but dude could hold his own pretty well. And in terms of physical appearance of which King of the Lions I wouldn’t want to fuck with, it’d definitely be Scar. I mean, the dude is called SCAR. He isn’t a stranger to laying the smackdown, even if he is overtly referenced as being a lion who relies more on cunning rather than strength. Plus, he has a black mane. THAT IS BEYOND BADASS.

All in all, the poor guy never seemed to have any love, and it’s been referenced that his father seemed to prefer Mufasa and pretty much everyone else. Simba seemed to get it by default and again, it was purely due to the popularity factor. I’m just saying, it doesn’t matter if he was a cub, it’s not very kingly for the cub to run away on a self-imposed exile. I mean… yeah, Scar kinda did fuck with him, but again, when you’ve been shunned consistently since birth by pretty much everyone. It’s hard to keep a moral stance on things.

The animal kingdom brought it on themselves. This is why bad things happen. Because a single entity gets singled out or scapegoated, everyone jumps on that bandwagon because other people believe it to be so. Instead of taking the step back and assessing what’s happened. It’s not like Scar was an egotistical prick because of progression as a member of the Royal Lion gang or whatever the fuck you want to call it. He became that because the dude never had any real affection, from anyone, ever. Not even Mufasa, who effectively saw him as a nuisance. Let’s not forget, Mufasa had his egotistical traits too.

Just makes me wonder, what would it had been like if Scar received the faith he evidently desperately wanted? Dude had more silky vocabulary than Mufasa did any day. Surely you’d prioritise an intellectual mind to be King in comparison the seemingly happy go lucky alternatives that were Mufasa and Simba?

Just goes to show, a bit of appreciation goes a long way. Hashtag Scar for life.


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